In the spotlight: 3 players of the season

The 3 times Champion Patna Pirates are not only one of the fiercest team to battle in the League but also have some of the most talented and great record holding players. Led by Pradeep Narwal who has set the bar high, the team has flourished under his captaincy and he’s also made way for the young players to perform their best. Much has been spoken and already known about the leader but in the spotlight here are players Jawahar Dagar, Vikas Kale & Vijay Kumar who let their performance speak for


The Patna Pirates remain one of the few Pro Kabaddi League teams who consistently succeed at keeping spectators entertained, with their brilliant performances leaving everyone with an incomparable sense of ecsatsy at having witnessed the spectacular. Eyes transfixed on the play, with an ascending heart beat everytime a raid comes to close, the Patna experience is unique. This should be expected, as no other team boasts such a star-studded line up: Pardeep Narwal, Deepak Narwa, Kuldeep Singh, Vik

Wanderlust-New Lust

While some set out on a quest to find a venus on moon, some wander off searching for their own happy serene place. It’s not the destination but it’s embracing the beauty of your journey that counts. But do you what makes it all worthwhile? It’s that little piece of advice we’re given as a kid. Carry your essentials. But when you’re in the age where you have too many essentials and confused, you might just need a strong, solid and convenient rescuer to dig you out of the confusion.